Anne Nowak

The works of Anne Nowak investigate the transition of life through a practice devoted to creating images and objects derived from personal memory of and from cosmos, nature, the sea, spiritual mythology and inner meditative realms. Recurrent themes are impermanence and eternity, life and death, dark and light, the sun and the moon. The inherent polarities of our existence that form the endless cycle of all beings.
Nowak is drawn to the existential inquiry of humanity and translates this search into artworks adopting a visual language from planetary compositions, nebulas, floating plants and seaweeds to colorful transitory streaks that become almost portal-like formations. Alternative universes are formed and they invite the viewer to gaze and ponder if this mirroring could reflect the infinite nature of our own being.
Constantly developing her practice and her media, Nowak is searching for ways to give form to the invisible, create a language for the unsaid, bridge the self with the heart and to ultimately heal the connection between our human experience and our oneness with all life across time and space.