Christina Schou Christensen

Categorised by some as an extreme glazer, the work of ceramicist Christina Schou Christensen approaches notions of function, whilst delivering a portfolio of bold and sculptural pieces. Forever experimenting from her studio on the island of Bornholm, her work views the ceramic glaze as more than a top-coat, instead making use of this traditional craft method as a way of form-giving. These expressive forms relay the process of glazing, from a liquid substance to a solid object – a sense of movement captured in time. Utilising the kiln as another tool for sketching and ideation, she creates ‘scenes’ within that give way to new expressions and ideas within her chosen medium. Continuing to evolve her practice, experiments into the crushing and re-use of waste porcelain, ceramic and glass presents possibilities to create new materials and processes beneficial to both her own practice, and that of her peers.