Meet Dmitrii Suldin, an artist whose journey into the world of rug crafting began as a business venture four years ago, slowly evolving into a canvas for artistic expression. Starting in Russia, Dmitrii's relocation to Georgia in February 2022 marked a pivotal shift in his creative evolution. The contrast between the frenetic pace of Moscow and the serene ambiance of Georgia became the catalyst for Dmitrii's unleashed creativity.

With acrylic yarn and a tufting gun, Dmitrii found his voice, addressing topics close to his heart through his rug art. TikTok became his launchpad, showcasing the rug creation process and unveiling the final masterpieces to a global audience. Rug crafting emerged as Dmitrii's sanctuary, fostering a unique dialogue within his community.

Collaboration is at the core of Dmitrii's process. Engaging with clients, he delves into their world, crafting bespoke rug art tailored to their homes. Each rug, taking approximately four days to create, encapsulates a meticulous process: from hammering yarn into fabric, drying the waterproofing, to the final trimming.

Beyond rugs, Dmitrii explores diverse materials like wood, epoxy, plexiglass, and clay, dedicating extensive hours in his studio. With a dream to exhibit his varied works all over Europe, Dmitrii's portfolio, marked by 268 unique pieces, each bears a distinctive serial number. Follow Dmitrii across various social platforms; perhaps, one day, a special rug will find its way into your home.